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It was very quick and easy to upgrade our internet. The person on the phone was very helpful.

- Kelly N

New customer, Gatineau, Quebec, Very happy to be part of Acanac, just one thing, they should add the chat option to talk to them, and how do I check my account. Have a nice day yall. Michel.

- Michel M

Acanac is extremely reliable. They were able to provide coverage when other savy companies couldn't secure internet service. We have been getting faster, more reliable service at a much lower price than the big phone guy. we've saved hundreds of dollars in the first year alone. SOOO HAPPY!

- Mark G

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Perfect cx service

Posted by Hazem on 05 Apr 2017

It was excellent service, very caring and personalized.

Posted by Shehzad G on 31 Mar 2017

My internet was not working this morning so I called technical support and was helped out by a very friendly, helpful technician who was extremely pleasant and patient with me.…

Posted by Loraine Z on 30 Mar 2017

Service was very good!!! Thank you!!!

Posted by Jessy C on 29 Mar 2017

On March 24-2017, the agent help me to renew my internet service for 1 more year, the agent were very helpful, answer all my question & complete the transactions very…

Posted by Trang T on 28 Mar 2017

I used had problems with Acanac customer service. Like more than one hour waiting to answer my calls, one technician laughed about my problem, and the problem is never solved…

Posted by Marcelo G on 28 Mar 2017

when I spoke to customer care last time, the service was excellent. The customer care provider was very knowledgeable about their product and was very pleased to answer all the…

Posted by Gurnam S on 27 Mar 2017

I have Acanac since 2012 and I never had any issues with the service, except once a while it gets a bit slower in my area, however I had no…

Posted by Fida M on 27 Mar 2017

Internet was not working. After 90 minutes of troubleshooting, Trevor was able not only to restore service but also to provide a very clear explanation as to what the problem…

Posted by Enrico on 24 Mar 2017

Just on the phone with a lovely young man He was extremely helpful and polite Just a pleasure to talk with Very good customer service

Posted by Penny B on 24 Mar 2017