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Update Your 911 Address

Acanac is dedicated to its customers and takes their safety to heart. It is very important to keep your 911 address up to date in our records. This will help to ensure that emergency services will be dispatched to the correct address in the case of a 911 call. Home Phone customers can easily update their 911 address via MyAccount.

  1. Log into MyAccount.

  2. Click Update your 911 address.

  3. Enter the following details in their respective fields: full name, email, phone number, and Acanac account number.

  4. Enter the effective date of your updated address, as well as your new address.

  5. Click Submit.

If you are an Acanac Home Phone customer and are unable to update your 911 address in MyAccount, please contact us via one of the contact methods at contact us page.