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Unlimited Local

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  • 11 great features included at no charge, see complete feature list below
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Free Acanac-to-Acanac calling anywhere in the world
  • North America calling for only 2.9¢ a minute
  • Access to great long distance rates

Included Features

  • Voicemail BoxAllows you to access and manage your voicemail.
  • Caller IDWhen receiving a call, see the name and number of the caller on your phone’s display, and vice versa.
  • Call ForwardingCan be used to forward calls from your current extension to any other telephone number.
  • 3-Way CallingAdd a 3rd party during a call, allowing you to talk to multiple people in separate locations.
  • Call ID BlockKeep calls private by blocking outgoing name and number.
  • Visual Call Waiting See who’s calling while already on a call.
  • Service Codes Three-digit dialing for public information and referral services.
  • Speed DiallingSetup and use several numbers to quickly dial a call.
  • Free Acanac-to-Acanac CallingAll Acanac customers can call each other for free, anywhere in the world. Connect your Digital Home Phone ATA to a High Speed Internet connection, and talk to each other for free.
  • Call WaitingIf you are already on the phone, a beep will notify you that you are receiving another call.
  • Keep existing number at no additional cost Transfer existing phone numbers to a new Acanac home phone account.

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