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Digital Home Phone

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We like to think that we’re a pretty great money-saving alternative to your current phone company. Just look at all the features we’ve got.

Included Features

  • Voicemail BoxAllows you to access and manage your voicemail.
  • Caller IDWhen receiving a call, see the name and number of the caller on your phone’s display, and vice versa.
  • Call ForwardingCan be used to forward calls from your current extension to any other telephone number.
  • 3-Way CallingAdd a 3rd party during a call, allowing you to talk to multiple people in separate locations.
  • Call ID BlockKeep calls private by blocking outgoing name and number.
  • Visual Call Waiting See who’s calling while already on a call.
  • Service Codes Three-digit dialing for public information and referral services.
  • Speed DiallingSetup and use several numbers to quickly dial a call.
  • Free Acanac-to-Acanac CallingAll Acanac customers can call each other for free, anywhere in the world. Connect your Digital Home Phone ATA to a High Speed Internet connection, and talk to each other for free.
  • Call WaitingIf you are already on the phone, a beep will notify you that you are receiving another call.
  • Keep existing number at no additional cost Transfer existing phone numbers to a new Acanac home phone account.


We have great per minute rates for destinations worldwide


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From where we’re standing, home phone is hip again. Now hear us out, here. No drops in service bars, crystal clear clarity, and you’ll make mom happy when she wants to get a hold of you and you’re ignoring her text messages. Call anywhere, anytime, anyduration (we made that last one up). Call literally anwhere in the US and Canada at one flat monthly rate, so you can call to Heart’s Content, in Newfoundland, really. Look it up, we dare you.

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