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High Speed Internet & Home Phone Services in Quebec City

Staying connected with friends and family is easy with Acanac. We are happy to provide residents of Quebec with all of the High Speed Internet, Digital Home Phone and Long Distance plans that they need.

Quebec is one of the oldest cities in North America with shopping, fine dining, and a beautifully unique culture. The city combines a modern feel with a classic charm. Whether you work or live in Quebec, reliable Internet is important. High Speed Internet allows you to share captivating photos, stay connected with friends and family, and wind down at the end of the day with your favourite show.

Acanac has been proud to offer industry leading High Speed Internet, Digital Home Phone, and Long Distance service to the residents of Quebec since 2004. We place a focus on customer service and affordability. Just as importantly, we’ll help you find the right plan for your needs.

We earned our position as one of the top providers in Ontario and Quebec by giving our customers affordable Digital Home Phone, Long Distance and High Speed Internet services that suit their exact needs. We continue to invest in hardware and network facilities in order to make sure our customers are up and running at all times. There’s no right or wrong time to make a long distance call or send an email, which is why when you’re with Acanac, you’re connected 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Digital Home Phone Service Made Simple

Our Digital Home Phone service is perfect for anyone who wants to stay connected while saving money. We believe that residents of Quebec should be able to call relatives throughout Canada when needed. Acanac Digital Home Phone service also includes important features that some of the big companies leave out. With caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and 3-way calling, you’ll have no trouble staying connected with friends and family, no matter where they live. Moreover, our Digital Home Phone service is available in every major city within Canada. Acanac can provide you with all the features you have with your current phone company and we have a money back guarantee.

Internet Plans That Make Sense

Flexibility is important to us which is why we allow our customers to choose their perfect High Speed Internet plans. You’re the one using the service, you should be able to decide what you want. We offer a wide range of money saving plans, like capped plans or a 12-month prepaid plan for even more savings. We have unlimited Internet and multiple speeds available depending on your usage habits. With High Speed DSL and Cable Internet connections, you’ll never have to deal with slow or spotty Internet.

Contact us today to see why many Quebec City residents have already made the switch to Acanac. Our High Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone services keep you connected whenever, wherever.