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High Speed Internet & Home Phone Services in Oshawa

Acanac is pleased to offer High Speed Internet, Digital Home Phone and Long Distance services to the residents of Oshawa.

At Acanac, we’ve always placed a priority on customer service and affordability. Unlike many other Internet service providers, we offer customized plans to suit your needs. Since every home is different, it’s important to make sure you’re paying for what you need.

Acanac is proud to have served the community of Oshawa since 2004. Acanac has also been focused on investing in hardware and network facilities to ensure that our customers are up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. People rely on the Internet for some of the most important moments in life, and we don’t want our customers to miss a thing.

Get Reliable Internet Providers Your Way

Flexibility is the way to go when it comes to picking the perfect Internet package. While other companies may try and steer you to purchase extra bells and whistles, we only want you to get exactly what you need, not what we think you want. You’re the one using the Internet, not us, and you shouldn’t have to pay for what you don’t need. We offer multiple speeds that are tailored to your usage habits, unlimited Internet, and High Speed Cable and DSL connections. There are also capped plans and 12-month prepaid plans to help you save even more.

Long Distance That Goes Beyond Oshawa

The Digital Home Phone service offered by Acanac is available in every major city throughout Canada. You can call your friend out East, and your uncle out West. You can do whatever you like. Our plans will help you stay connected without breaking the bank. We also provide our customers with the a variety of features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding and 3-way calling. Our Digital Home Phone plan comes with the added bonus of our amazing customer service.

Staying connected is easy when you sign up for Acanac. Our High Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone service is ideal for people who want to keep in touch while saving money. No matter if you’re an Oshawa resident looking for long distance service or are in need of High Speed Internet, with Acanac, you’re always covered.