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High Speed Internet & Home Phone Services in Montreal

Whether at home or at work, residents of Montreal rely on High Speed Internet to stay connected. Acanac is pleased to offer residents of Montreal the service and reliability they desire at an affordable price.

Montreal is the largest city in Quebec with over 1,649,519 residents. Between cheering for the Habs and enjoying the amazing restaurants Montreal has to offer, residents want to stay connected. Between Internet, High Speed Cable and phone lines, the communication services industry has a lot of players. Reliability, dependability and affordability are important when it comes to choosing a communication services provider. We are the company that is reliable, dependable and most importantly, affordable. Choose Acanac and connect easily.

When we started our operations in 2004, we had one thing in mind: allow our customers to enjoy Internet and phone services at an affordable price. We are the reliable service provider that ensures our hardware and network facilities work for you at all times. Our services are available 24/7, and we offer both High Speed Cable and DSL in Montreal. We focus on service and flexibility. Our commitment to reliable communication and customer service sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Digital Home Phone That Goes Beyond The Norm

Many communications service providers don’t cater to people who make long distance calls. On the other hand, we feel that just because you live in Montreal does not mean it should cost money to connect with relatives across the country. We make it easier for Montrealers to stay connected to their loved ones with great long distance calling options.

Additionally, Acanac Digital Home Phone service includes fantastic features like caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, 3-way calling and our Digital Home Phone service is available in every major city in Canada. With that in mind, you have no excuse not to call your cousin in Moncton, or your uncle in Ottawa.

Your Internet Provider – Your Way

While some companies insist that you accept all their services in one expensive package, we don’t believe that is the best option. What works for one family isn’t going to work for everyone, and that’s why we offer flexible Internet packages that have what you want. Acanac has capped plans for those on a budget, 12-month prepaid plans for extra savings, multiple Internet speeds to suit all downloading and streaming needs, unlimited High Speed Internet, and High Speed Cable or DSL connections so you can get everything you need without overpaying.

Whether you’re looking for Internet, Digital Home Phone or Long Distance, we have you covered. Contact us today and find out why Acanac delivers superior communication services to our customers in Montreal and beyond.