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Internet & Home Phone Provider in Barrie | Acanac

Acanac is a one-stop communications service provider for the residents of Barrie.

With over 300 hectares of park space, beaches, fun festivals and events, Barrie provides its residents with a ton of things to do. When you’re not having a great meal at a restaurant on Dunlop street, or taking a stroll on the gorgeous waterfront, we’ll make sure you have affordable and reliable High Speed Internet and Digital Home Phone to keep in touch with those who matter most.

When Acanac started back in 2004, our aim was to provide the people of Ontario and Quebec with Internet and Digital Home Phone services they could count on. All these years later we have not wavered.

As an one of the top Internet providers in Ontario and Quebec, we can focus on our customers and their communication needs. We constantly invest in the latest technology and hardware to keep our customers connected at all times. After all, you should be able to send emails, stream your favorite show, and download music whenever you want.

Get The Internet Plan You Want

Every Barrie household has different Internet needs. Our customer service representatives will ensure you end up with the perfect Internet package for your home. We offer both High Speed DSL and Cable with different usage plans for each option. For example, if you want unlimited Internet, you’ve got it. If you want a capped plan to control your usage, that can be done too. We also have 12-month prepaid plans for additional savings.

The beauty of being an Acanac customer is that you get a tremendous amount of choice. We have multiple speeds to suit each customer’s unique usage habits. Whether you want Internet with a High Speed Cable Internet connection, or a capped plan for your High Speed DSL Internet connection, we’ve got you covered.

Long Distance Calling – Anyone, Anytime

Call waiting, caller ID, 3-way calling, call forwarding–you don’t realize how important these features are until you don’t have access to them. Our Digital Home Phone service is available in every major Canadian city and includes all these features at unbeatable prices. We work hard to provide the best communication services out there.

Contact Acanac today and we’ll get your Barrie household up and running. Take advantage of our packages and stay connected 24/7.