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Moving: Top 5 Phone Calls Made After Leaving the Nest

Moving away from home can be an exhilarating time, filled with new found independence and freedom. Although it’s certainly a thrill, when young adults branch out on their own they sometimes quickly come to realize that their parents did more than a few things for them when they lived at home.

As much as it’s human nature to want to take the world on solo, big life changes such as moving can make the newly independent realize that they sometimes need a little help. Luckily, Mom, Dad or other advisors are only a phone call away.

Whether they are relocating for school or a new adventure, here are the top 5 phone calls made by young people after they leave the nest:

#1. When their stomach grumbles

If reheating some leftovers or nuking a pizza pocket in the microwave is the closest they’ve come to cooking, here’s hoping that they call for some nutritional or health and safety related guidance before they dig right into questionable eats: “Hey Mom- chicken keeps in the fridge for a couple of weeks, right?”

It won’t take long (approximately 18 boxes of Ramen noodles and 83 bowls of cereal) for them to realize how good they had it when they lived at home.

#2. When their pockets are empty

Here’s a sad truth: Living on your own is expensive. All those bills, rent, food, books and fidget spinners really add up quick. Once that bank account starts to get low, the inevitable call asking to borrow a couple of bucks is to be expected. It may also take a couple of follow up calls to keep things on track so they don’t end up reading by candlelight or bathing in a public pool.

When looking for ways to stretch your monthly dollar, you should consider switching to a low cost High Speed Internet and Home Phone provider like Acanac.

#3. When something breaks

Not everyone is handy around the house and could be left in the dark when the power goes out or there is a basic plumbing issue clogging up their schedule. Why watch a YouTube tutorial about why the toilet won’t flush or an introduction to home wiring (never cut the red wire by the way) when a quick call to their former onsite Mr. or Mrs. Fix it can make it all better?

#4.  When they’ve got the sniffles

After living at home and having someone take care of them anytime they were under the weather or they “got a booboo”, they may seek out the soothing sound of “Everything will be Ok.”.  They’ll still have to haul themselves out of bed to make their own tea but at least hearing that nurturing voice on the other end of the line will help them feel better.

#5.  When the whole “adulting” thing gets to be overwhelming

Whether it’s advice about how to prioritize your schoolwork, how to navigate workplace politics or how to juggle everything and stay ahead of the game; calling home for encouragement, guidance and an honest opinion from someone you know has your best interest in mind- is priceless.


We know that making a big move is exciting and that new found independence and freedom should be enjoyed without any worry. Acanac offers dependable Digital Home Phone Plans with Long Distance calls throughout Canada and the US to ensure that we can share all of our new experiences, and ask all the questions we need to, without incurring extra charges. Call us today at 1-866-281-3538 and find out why It’s Good To Be Here.

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August, 24 2017


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