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5 Subscription Box Services to Check Out

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The Boom of the Box: 5 Subscription Box Services to Check Out

With all the amazing things to discover online and the little time we have in our busy day-to-day lives, wouldn’t it be nice if someone who knew your preferences and tastes could do all of the hard work for you? Wouldn’t it also be great if they could then choose the best of what’s out there, just for you and send it to you every month in a cute little package?  This is exactly how subscription box services are taking the Internet by storm.

With a subscription box for almost any interest you can imagine, it has also become a booming online business sector. As of 2014, subscription box services were already generating 5 billion dollars in revenue worldwide and many of the new services continue to grow more than +10% month over month so far in 2017.

Whether you have yet to experience the pure joy of receiving a box full of stuff chosen just for you or are already hooked, you will want to check out these 5 subscription box services available in Canada.

1. calmbox

“A monthly box inspiring positivity, peace and calm in everyday life.” –


In a world where life seems to get increasingly busy, it’s important to weave in moments of calm, to help counteract feelings of stress. Enter calmbox. These relaxation-inducing contents range anywhere from candles, to music and snacks. Each box has a monthly theme revolving around mindfulness and positivity, to help inspire peace and relaxation. Calmbox starts at US$35/month, plus shipping to Canada.

2. Awesome Pack

Board games and activities handpicked for YOU delivered monthly!” –


If you are looking for family fun, you can’t go wrong with Awesome Pack. After setting up your family profile, you will receive a cool mix of games and activities that have been tested and researched for your family size and age range. It’s a great way to limit screen time for the kids and get the family playing together. They also have a the “Big Kid Pack” for adults who just love to play games. You can get your own Awesome Pack for about US$52.00/ month.

3. Try the World

“Discover the world through food.” –



If you think you would enjoy trying new foods from different cultures and cuisines, but don’t know where to start – search no more. Try the World delivers food products from artisans around the world, straight to your doorstep each month. Each box features contents sources from different countries and includes ingredients for cooking specific meals, as well as a hand-picked selection of drinks and snacks. Prices start around US$39 /month and boxes ship to Canada.

4. BarkBox

“Welcome to a whole new world of joy with your dog.” –


BarkBox is the perfect subscription box for dog owners who enjoy spoiling their furry friends from time to time. Chock-full of toys, treats, and something to chew, BarkBox even gives you the option to customize your selections depending on the size of your dog. Not a dog person? Perhaps MeowBox is more your style!

5. Sock Box

“The awesomest sock of the month club, only available in Canada” –


Last, but certainly not least, is one of our very favourites – and not just because we’re patriotic. Sock Box is a Canadian subscription box company that sends you a regular dose of awesomeness in the form of colourful and unique socks that you normally wouldn’t be able to find in stores. Not only are they Canadian – they only ship in Canada. And shipping is free. Seems like a great way to keep your toes toasty and stylish through Canadian winters.

There you have it – a wide array of subscription box options to deliver snazzy new swag and treats to your doorstep month over month, and all just a click away through your High Speed Internet service.

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