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Acanac waives suspension and moving fees for customers in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick affected by flooding

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Acanac waives suspension and moving fees for customers in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick affected by flooding

TORONTO, May 1, 2019 – Canadians in areas of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick have been forced from their homes as a result of the severe spring floods. Acanac, in an effort to help those affected, will waive service suspension fees and any moving fees for its residential customers who wish to temporarily interrupt their services beginning today.

“We stand beside all Canadians experiencing the devastation caused by these floods,” said Brad Fisher, Chief Revenue Officer. “We’re committed to helping our customers affected by this tragedy and support them during this time of need.”

Customers who wish to proceed with suspending their service should call Acanac’s customer service centre at 1-866-281-3538 and speak to a representative who will be able to assist.

Acanac is also enabling its customers to donate directly to the Red Cross to help fellow Canadians affected by the flooding.


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Acanac is part of the Distributel family of brands. Established in 1988, Distributel is a leading national, independent telecommunications provider offering residential High-Speed Internet, Television, and Home Phone services in Canada. With offices across the country and a national network, Distributel continues to forge new partnerships and bring innovative solutions to market.

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