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World Television Day

World Television Day

November 21st was World Television Day.  Before you get the snacks ready for a long night of watching Seinfeld reruns to commemorate the occasion, you may want to learn what this day is all about.

Most of us equate TV with entertainment and understandably so. We love to sit down and zone out in front of the tube (increasingly on our phones, tablets and computers) and watch our favorite show. It stands to reason that the celebrity culture we live in today was created by the mass appeal of the TV shows we watch.

But wasn’t TV supposed to be much more than that when it was invented? Didn’t we have grand aspirations for what this technology could be used for?




World Television Day is less a celebration of TV shows, but rather of the philosophy which it represents – a platform which offers openness and transparency on world issues. Television has long been thought to represent communication and globalization in the contemporary world.

The first ever World Television Day was staged by the United Nations in 1996 to recognize the medium’s impact on democracy, conflict resolution and the positive influence it has on altering public opinion and bringing awareness to important social and economic issues around the world.

TV then: Everything to Everyone

Without the power of TV’s moving pictures, many of the issues of our day may have never come to our attention. It has the power of delivering news, information and entertainment in a very impactful way because it’s real when we see it with our own eyes. What may have seemed otherworldly to us and not very relevant to our daily lives, simply because of the limitations of geography, is brought to life with moving pictures and sound.

When only a few major television broadcasters controlled the airwaves and chose what we saw, the result was often magical but perhaps also a bit distorted. As content existed in a fairly generic state during the golden age of television, it did allow us to share a collective living room and watch what was happening around the world, together, albeit dependent on the editorial choices of the networks. How things have changed. With the flood of streaming video and user-driven content in the 21st century, we are free to watch what we want, when we want, where we want, how we want – all on our own terms.

TV now: Just another Device

What do we really mean when we say the word TV?  It used to mean a small wooden box with scheduled programming from a limited number of broadcasters.

If you look at the history of Television, you will notice that technology is inextricably linked to its evolution.  Whether it be the rise of cable channels that brought us variety and 24-hour content, the advent of the Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) or the more recent emergence of IPTV and streaming video on the Internet, the definition of TV is ever changing.

It’s time to repurpose the definition of the word television once again. A television is a device. As they say, content is now king and you can get it on all of your devices. Not just on your TV.




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Article by:

Nav Kainthrai

Posted on:
December, 7 2016



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