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Uncover all the Secrets of Netflix

Most people just tune in and start binging. We’re here for that. But you should be aware that Netflix has a bunch of seldom-used special features, such as secret categories, downloading, and data management. Here are a few insider tips to make you a Netflix power user.

Turn Off Autoplay Trailers

Don’t like it when you’re browsing and get an autoplay trailer (with sound!) every time you set on something for half a second? Login to your account from a browser and go to Manage Profiles. Click on your profile, then uncheck Autoplay Previews While Browsing on All Devices.

Use Secret Netflix Categories

Your Netflix landing page will have a bunch of different categories, such as Critically-Acclaimed Sci-Fi Thrillers or Goofy Horror Movies. But they come and go seemingly at random. If you want to browse using these categories, first look up the full list here. When you see a category you like, note the number associated with it and go to[INSERTNUMBERHERE]. Now you can browse your Campy Crime Satires at your leisure (that’s number 4329).

Use the Oscars Category

Speaking of secret categories, if you wanted to watch as many Oscar nominees as possible before an Oscar party, you can use the Oscar Winners and Recent Nominees category. It’s number 2991699.

Download for Offline Viewing

If you know you’ll be without data for a period of time—say, on a plane ride or during a snowstorm—you can download TV and movies using the Netflix app for offline viewing. You’re mostly limited to Netflix Originals though.

Click on whatever you’d like to download. On the show’s description page you’ll find a download button. Note that downloads expire after some time, and some titles are limited in terms of how many times you can download them. So maybe don’t limit your binges of Stranger Things to the plane.

Tinker with Subtitles

Don’t like the look of your subtitles? Change ’em! Go to Account, then Subtitle Appearance. From here you can change the font, size, background colour, and lettering colour. Your subtitles can be as obtrusive or subtle as you want.

Monitor Your Mobile Data

Watching Netflix on your phone can eat up data, particularly if you don’t realize when you stop using Wi-Fi and start on your data. On your Netflix mobile app, go to App Settings, then Cellular Data Usage. From here, you can make Netflix Wi-Fi only. You can also turn on data-saving mode.

Kick Other People Out of Your Netflix Account

Maybe you have a kid who’s too generous with passwords. Maybe you have an ex who won’t give back your hoodie or Netflix privileges. Whatever the case, it’s easy to boot everyone out of Netflix. Go to Account Settings, then select Sign Out of All Devices. Every device that your account has been logged in on will now have to re-enter the password. Now, as you might expect, is the perfect time to change your password.

Delete Your Netflix Watch History

Look, we’re not going to judge. We don’t care that you watched A Christmas Prince every day for a month. If you want to get rid of that history, maybe because you don’t want nosy family making fun of you or it’s ruining your recommendations, here’s how to edit that history. Go to Account, then Viewing Activity. Here, you’ll see a list of everything you’ve watched. To the far right, there’s a Report a Problem button and then an icon that looks like a circle with a slash through it. Click that icon to remove the entry. You can also remove your entire history by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Hide All. However, a note of caution: looking at your entire Netflix viewing history all at once might be a touch overwhelming.

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March, 21 2022



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