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Top 5 Must-Have Apps to Simplify The School Year

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Top 5 Must-Have Apps to Simplify The School Year

We’ve just started September, which for many means Back to School time. The final days of Summer break should be spent enjoying time with friends and family, so to make the transition back into the classroom a little easier, we’ve picked the five must-have apps that will help make this school year the best one yet.

#1 Wunderlist

If you’re somebody who loves being organized, you need the Wunderlist app. From to-do lists, to reminders, to group collaboration on projects, this app is the easiest way to manage busy schedules, inside and outside the classroom. Wunderlist synchronizes information across multiple devices and allows you to share your lists with friends and family. Hello there, structure.

#2 Simplemind

The most exciting challenge in tackling a new project is deciding where to start. The Simplemind app makes it easy and will help you avoid procrastination when working on your next big assignment. This mind mapping app displays your ideas in a visually appealing layout so that you can organize your project from start to finish in whatever way makes sense to your thought process. With the ability to add images or video recordings, all of your good ideas will be captured.

#3 Offtime

Offtime is the app you’ll be thankful for as exam period gets underway. This app allows students to block distractions on your phone such as games and social networks, so that you can dedicate yourself to some uninterrupted study time. The best part? You won’t have to suffer from FOMO as the app keeps an activity log of everything that happened while you were away.

#4 Goodbudget

If your money management skills could use an upgrade, the Goodbudget app will help you get on track. By measuring your spending and dividing your money into your choice of up to 10 categories – such as rent and entertainment – you’ll never have to sacrifice a week of groceries for a night out again. In fact, Goodbudget will even roll any remaining money into the next month so you can continue saving for something special… you know, to reward yourself for being so budget conscious.

#5 TinyCards

If you’ve ever found flashcards to be an effective way to prepare for a test, TinyCards might just become your next favourite study tool. This app allows you to either create your own flashcard deck or choose from hundreds of pre-existing decks on a wide range of topics – all of which can be shared with study buddies. TinyCards also uses smart learning techniques to help users retain new material, giving you the best odds of acing your exam.

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September, 1 2017



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