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Three of our favourite sitcom misunderstandings

We love our sitcoms here at Acanac. One of the most classic sitcom storylines is ‘The Misunderstanding’.

You’ve seen it a million times before in all your favourite sitcoms. A few characters will have a slight miscommunication that is then dragged out for an entire episode, sometimes even more. It sounds like such a simple premise, but it’s been a go-to episode style for a long time for a reason. So, let’s dig into our top three favorite sitcom misunderstandings.

Full HouseSecret Admirer

Remember this one? In this classic episode Rusty writes a generic phony love letter during a backyard barbeque. Every member of the household reads the letter at some point and imagines it to be from a different source. This causes a lot of laughs and drama as people are trying to figure out how to handle this awkward situation.

FrasierThe Matchmaker

During this episode Daphne is depressed with the state of her love life. Frasier gets the bright idea to set her up with Tom Duran, a new coworker of his at the station. To this end, he invites Tom to his place for dinner. What he doesn’t know is that Tom is gay and thinks that Frasier is interested in him. This episode won a GLAAD award for positive portrayal of the LBGQT+ community.

SeinfeldThe Puffy Shirt

This Seinfeld episode has become legendary. The titular shirt has ended up in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. This one starts out with Kramer’s new girlfriend being  a “low-talker”, someone who talks so quietly they’re nearly impossible to understand. She works in clothing design and her newest idea is a puffy pirate shirt. Jerry accidentally agrees to wear the shirt on the Today Show because of a misunderstanding and so, drama ensues. This episode is highly memorable for any fan of Seinfeld and wouldn’t have happened without a classic misunderstanding.

Which sitcom misunderstanding was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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November, 7 2022



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