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Exclusive Perkopolis Promotion

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Exclusive Perkopolis Promotion: 25% off Acanac High Speed Internet

We’re proud to announce a new partnership between Acanac and Perkopolis. If you haven’t heard of Perkopolis, there’s a good chance you will soon. Perkopolis provides exclusive promotions to members of eligible organizations across Canada. If your organization belongs to Perkopolis and you are in need of great High Speed Internet and Home Phone, you can find our offer within the portal and give us a call to sign up. Inexpensive High Speed Internet in Ontario and Quebec is in great demand these days, and Acanac is proud to be an alternative service provider working hard to save money for Canadians. We also like to have fun while we’re at it.
The Acanac story is also about reminding others how easy it is to share simple pleasures through the High Speed Internet and Home Phone services we offer in Ontario and Quebec. We’re excited to share the Acanac experience with Perkopolis members and be the first and only telecommunications provider available to members.

What’s Perkopolis?

Perkopolis is the largest provider of discount programs in Canada, offering access to various discounted products and services, including: theatre, hotels, attractions, movies, shopping, travel and now – affordable High Speed Internet service.

Feel like a VIP

Exclusive Perkopolis network


The Perkopolis Network is all about having access to exclusive offers not available to the general public. The platform provides direct access to these great deals for Canada’s leading organizations, including corporations, associations, property managers, and customer groups.

SO, just how great is this offer?

Acanac Perkopolis Promotion

Perkopolis members are eligible to get a FREE upgrade to UNLIMITED usage on ANY High Speed Internet plan, a savings up to 25% every month.

How it works

If you’re already a Perkopolis member, call 1-844-851-6914 and provide us with the e-mail address associated with your Perkopolis account.

If  your organization isn’t using Perkopolis yet, we recommend you ask your HR department to go check this out and learn more.

The good news is whether you’re a Perkopolis member or not, you can still save up to $820 per year on High Speed Internet and Home Phone with Acanac. Visit us at and learn why so many people across Ontario and Quebec are switching to Acanac. It’s Good To Be Here.

Article by:

Nav Kainthrai

Posted on:
August, 9 2017



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