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Becoming Internet Famous

Warning: This blog contains important information to help you on your way to becoming Internet famous. In the event any reader uses these tips to get really famous, please don’t forget about the little people who helped you get there.

If you have a profound need to share something special with the world and have your voice heard, you are in luck in this day and age. In this era of social media and viral videos, you don’t necessarily need to grind it out in the bars or neighbourhood theatres, max out all your credit cards, schmooze the right people or depend on industry insiders to get your foot in the door. All you need is an idea, a good strategy, some determination, a decent computer and a High Speed Internet connection from a dependable Internet Service Provider.

Let’s make this happen.

Your Persona



Let’s face it – a key factor in becoming Internet famous is that something special that sets you apart from everybody else. Even if you have the best social media strategy, incorporate the most used  hashtags, understand viral videos and follow all the blogging tips out there, your online persona is central to whether your audience will first notice and then continue to follow you.

The truth is, having an interesting, unique or memorable persona may not come naturally to everyone. If you think you need a bit of a boost to make your persona stand out more, you may want to consider simply inventing a new one.

Whether you model your persona from your own strengths or create one from scratch, consider going through a character sketch exercise to help shape what you want to portray online.

The most important thing to remember is that your persona will need to connect with people within the context of a screen environment.

Have Something to Offer



Now that you’ve established your persona, you’ll need to establish what you want to be all about and find a fresh take on it. Are you a fashionista, foodie, movie critic, or gaming superstar? Are you going to cover various subjects in a consistent format? Whatever it is, we suggest you pick one approach and stick with it to start, so that you can build your audience and keep them engaged.

There is also an important distinction between offering something worth people’s attention vs. being attention-seeking. If you don’t determine what value you’re offering in exchange for people’s attention, you’ll discover that regardless of how beautiful, talented, funny, or smart you are, your audience will swipe left so fast it will make your avatar’s head spin.

Ask yourself- would someone other than family and friends find what you plan on putting out there entertaining, interesting, or informative?


Choose the Right Medium and Platform


There are several different mediums and platforms you can choose from when deciding how you’ll share your voice with the world. The most common are blogs, viral videos and social video.

We suggest you carefully consider the following when deciding which medium to choose:

  • Which will maximize your strengths? If you’re a good writer you should blog, if you’re photogenic or your persona demands visual representation you should make viral videos or use social video.
  • Which will best convey the subject matter you want to cover?
  • What will be most effective and most popular with your intended audience?
  • Which one are you most passionate about?

You can certainly use more than one medium as long as the social media platforms or online communities you plan on engaging are a good fit. If you want to produce viral videos, your social media strategy may not benefit from spending a lot of time writing blogs. Lastly, you’ll want to also make sure you manage your brand consistency if you plan on working across several different platforms.


Make It Happen



Now that you have a strong vision, you need to establish what tools you will need and how you will make this happen. You may already be visualizing Mai Tais in the sun, walking down the red carpet or being on Jimmy Fallon sitting next to Carrot Top, but be sure to spend time planning up front.

You should expect that your quest to become Internet famous to take some time and be hard work. It should be the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you think about when going to bed.

Blogging vs. Vlogging

When contemplating whether you should Blog or Vlog, one of your main considerations may be the cost of equipment. With that being said, vlogging or streaming on social video sites like Twitch won’t require you to break the bank. There are cost effective ways to set up your own little studio at home.

If you decide that being a Blogger makes more sense, there are many great resources out there to help. Whether you’re looking for blogging tips, how to use hashtags on Instagram, how to use hashtags on Twitter or how to use hashtags on Facebook, it’s important you put in the work and learn all the tricks of the trade.


In terms of strategy, the most important thing to familiarize yourself with is how to publicize your content on the Internet. The odds of going viral by relying on Likes and Shares from friends and family are not very high. A good way to succeed is to create your own website and use a link building strategy to drive traffic back to it. You can also use all the Blog SEO tips available to help make your content easy to find in search engines like Google.

Since this is all happening online, you will need High Speed Internet from an Internet Service Provider that understands how important the Internet is to you.  At Acanac, we’re the Internet Provider that knows how essential it is for you to have dependable access to your content on all the devices in your home. We make it our mission to deliver all there is to love about the Internet without any of the hassle. All you need to worry about is how to spread your influence and become the fabulous Internet celebrity you’ve been dreaming of– because we’ve got the rest covered.

If you’re looking for a worry-free way to surf and upload your content online, you should consider making the simple switch to Acanac.


Article by:

Nav Kainthrai

Posted on:
January, 20 2017



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