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How to Be an Amazon Prime Video Power User

So, now that you’re a master of Netflix, how about Amazon Prime Video?

Use X-Ray Vision

X-Ray is a very useful feature on Amazon Prime. It shows you all kinds of information about the title you’re watching, such as which actors are in it, what song is currently playing, and more. Basically, all the stuff you’d look for over at IMDb or Wikipedia can be seen on X-Ray.

To look at X-Ray, pause your title. X-Ray will pop up, showing you extra information. For even more, select View All. You’ll see trivia, scene lists, characters, and more. And if you’re wondering why this looks like IMDb stuff, it’s because that’s where the information comes from. Amazon owns IMDb.

Edit Your Watch History

Maybe you don’t want your partner to know you’ve watched ahead. Or maybe you need to erase 41 of your 42 viewings of Christmas with the Kranks. Hey, we’re not judging.

First, go to Accounts and Settings. Then, hit Watch History. From here, you can remove specific shows and movies by hitting the X on the right-hand side.

Watch on Mobile with Minimal Data

Sometimes you just have to Encanto when you’re waiting for a delayed flight, you know? To do this without using as much data, go to Settings, then Streaming & Download, then Streaming Quality. If you’re not very technical, don’t worry—the settings they offer are Best, Better, and Good. If you are technical, these correspond to about 5.8GB, 1.8GB, and 0.6GB. Lower the quality and don’t worry about busting your data plan.


Of course, if you plan ahead, you can download a few titles to your mobile device. When you’re looking at a title, you’ll see options for Trailer, Watchlist, Download, and More. Select Download. You can download movies, specific TV episodes, or even entire seasons. Later, you can find these in the Downloads section of the app’s menu. Note that not every title can be downloaded, largely due to licensing rights.

Turn Off Auto Play

Want to solve your binge-watching problem? Then turn off auto play.

First, go to Settings. Then, go to Playback. From here, you can toggle off Auto Play.

De-Register Devices

Maybe you trusted your nephew with your Amazon account and he’s shared your password with the whole eighth grade class. Maybe your significant other is now your ex and it’s time to separate the streams. Or maybe you don’t know how a random PS4 got onto your account.

No matter what, it’s easy to kick devices off your account. Go to Settings, then Registered Devices. Here you’ll see a list of every device accessing your account and you can kick specific ones off. Think about changing your password after.

Share Your Amazon Prime

Amazon doesn’t like you password-sharing. But what they will do is let you buy a household package, which you can do at Amazon Household. You can add one other adult, four teens, and four children. Once added, they’ll be able to get Prime Video and the other Prime features.

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July, 29 2022



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