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7 Canadian Movies to Stream on Canada Day 

Happy Canada Day! Why not celebrate this big, beautiful country with a Canadian movie? After you’ve fired up the barbecue, primed the fireworks, and given the neighbours a friendly socially-distanced wave, of course. 


Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner


The first film to ever be written, directed, and acted in Inuktitut, Atanarjuat is an epic film that retells an Inuit legend about jealousy, revenge, and justice. If you’ve never seen it, you certainly should. 


Bon Cop Bad Cop


When the body of a hockey executive is found on the Ontario Quebec border, detectives David Bouchard from Montreal and Martin Ward from Toronto need to work the case together. It’s as much a parody of buddy cop movies as it is the silly rivalry between Canada’s two largest provinces. 




Is this minor league hockey story about a guy who can’t really score or skate but can fight the best hockey comedy film around? That’s a worthwhile debate. All we know is that Jay Baruchel’s script contains so many moments that’ll be familiar to any small-town Canadian that it’s only the presence of Hollywood celebrities that makes us certain this isn’t found footage. 


Mon oncle Antoine

The Criterion Channel

A coming of age film set in a small Quebec mining town in the years before the Quiet Revolution? Why yes, this film is critically acclaimed. It also neatly balances comedy and drama decades before the word dramady would become a word. Well, sort of a word. 




If you’ve loved Denis Villeneuve more recent Hollywood work like Sicario, Arrival, and Blade Runner 2049, then be sure to check out his older, more indie offerings like Incendies. Concerning two Montreal twins who must travel to their mother’s birthplace in the Middle East to uncover her fraught past, this film has all the visual splendour and close character work that have come to characterize Villeneuve’s work. 


Away from Her

Crave, Amazon Prime

A couple’s relationship is tested when the wife develops Alzheimer’s, moves into a nursing home, and begins to forge a close relationship with another resident. Based on a short story by Alice Munroe and directed by Sarah Polley, this film stars Julie Christie and Gordon Pinsent. 


Rumble: The Indians Who Rocked the World

The Criterion Channel 

If a documentary is more your speed, look no further than this film about indigenous rock artists and their influence on rock ‘n’ roll. From the highly influential song “Rumble” to the guitar innovations of Jimi Hendrix, indigenous people who helped define rock finally get their due here.  


Honorary Mentions That Aren’t on Streaming Platforms (But Can Be Bought)

The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

The book is better but this movie is amazing and it makes Richard Dreyfus an honorary Canadian. 


Strange Brew 

Bob and Doug McKenzie’s best (and only) movie is technically a retelling of Hamlet. But with stubbies. 


Canadian Bacon

Michael Moore’s only fiction film is amazing and Wallace Shawn makes for a funny Prime Minister. 

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July, 1 2020



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