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6 Devices, Apps, & Services for Your Home Workout

It’s easier than ever to work out from home. These devices, apps, and services not only make working out easier, but they also track your overall health and wellness.


If you prefer an audio workout and don’t want to fuss around with a screen, then Aaptiv was created with you in mind. Membership gets you access to hundreds of classes for all skill levels. Creating your profile will prompt the site to ask what kind of equipment you have access to, what your goals are, and what your experience level is. Answers to these questions will narrow down the app’s offerings to you. Membership costs $99 annually though.

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a yoga app, but it’s also a general healthy habits app. It offers a huge range of workouts, lets you create bespoke daily plans, and divides workouts according to things like skill level, body parts targeted, and what kind of mood you’re in (or what kind of mood you want to promote) when you work out. It costs $60 annually.

Withings Health Monitors

Do you want watches, scales, blood pressure monitors, and/or sleep trackers that not only record all possible data, but also send it to your online profile—or even update your doctor, if necessary? Well, the Withings family of products does all this. Their watches are activity trackers that look like more traditional watches. Their smart scales track your data over time and can even measure your body composition through bioelectrical impedance analysis. Their blood pressure monitors track your data in the accompanying app, giving you a history of your blood pressure. And their sleep mat monitors sleep cycles and can help you develop better sleep habits.

Tempo Studio

The key piece of Tempo Studio is an easel-shaped screen that both demonstrates your weight training workout and offers you immediate feedback on your form. The other pieces include dumbbells, weight plates, and other add-ons like a barbell, foam roller, smart mat, and more. The price is steep, at US$2,450—and that’s before some of the optional add-ons. Big fitness equipment is expensive, and the smart technology only makes it more so. But this is one of the few smart devices that offers unlimited classes, unlimited home accounts (so various household members can use the device with their own profiles) and tracks your progress. Oh, and there’s the feedback. 3D motion sensors track your movements, allowing the device to give you instant feedback if your form is wrong.

Peloton Bikes

Okay, goofy ad campaigns aside, Peloton is famous because it’s basically a spin class you take at home. Their basic bike starts at $2,495, and if you pay for a membership, you get access to hundreds of classes. Also, you can join the online Peloton community, which has been described as competitive.

JaxJox Kettlebell Connect

Kettlebell workouts might be trendy, but who has that kind of space on hand? If you’re also tight on space but want to get in on a kettlebell workout, consider the JaxJox Kettlebell Connect ($319.95). It’s a six-in-one kettlebell that has an onboard motion sensor that can count your reps and send the data to the free app, which tracks your progress.

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July, 9 2021



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