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4 Online Games You Should Be Playing

We all enjoy a good break. Whether it’s as a reward for a job well done, or to clear your head between tasks, online games provide some seriously enjoyable downtime. We’ve put together a list of 4 online desktop computer games that need nothing more than a High Speed Internet connection to keep you happy, and, most importantly, entertained.

#4 Typing Karaoke

If you have a knack for song lyrics or have mad typing skills, give this game a shot. The challenge of Typing Karaoke is to beat the on screen singer to the end of each line of the song. Finish typing the lyrics before they’re sung and earn points. With a wide array of song choices that increase in lyrical complexity, you’ll likely find yourself in a button mashing panic sooner than you think. Play Typing Karaoke here

#3 GeoGuessr

Seeking wanderlust? Although you won’t physically be there, GeoGuessr will virtually place you somewhere in the world at random, leaving you to determine your location from a Google Map Street View. When there are no obvious giveaways like street signs, you’ll have to use your Sherlock Holmes style investigative skills to determine where you are. Want to give it a shot? Click here to play.

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#2 Wonderputt

For fans of mini putt, playing Wonderputt online will take the experience to the next level. This game is equipped with different themes for each hole and a ton of unexpected challenges throughout the course. Wonderputt adds an additional thrill by penalizing scores when players take too much time completing the game. Between exciting visuals and complex holes requiring some strategic play, let’s just say this won’t be your typical mini putt experience. Test out your online mini putt skills here.

#1 Samorost 3

This point-and-click adventure game is great for fans of brain teasers. As you work your way through this game you must solve a series of puzzles, with each correct answer moving players to the next level. This game hosts an imaginative environment filled with quirky characters, which makes for a fun and unpredictable game. Play Samorost 3 here.

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September, 19 2017



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