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10 Canadian Snacks (They Wish They Could Get Stateside)

Our American neighbours seem like they love a good snack, but they’re missing out on oh-so-many delicious things.

Moon Mist Ice Cream

This ice cream is in three colours: purple, blue, and yellow. That’s because it’s three flavours: grape, bubble gum, and banana. Nova Scotians love it, and so does Instagram. It’s Atlantic Canada’s favourite flavour of ice cream, and the rest of the world is mystified.

Cream Soda

Sorry, Yanks. Your cream soda is just vanilla soda you’ve called cream soda, in what can only be regarded as a mistake. Our cream soda tastes like delicious cotton candy.


Americans think they have Smarties. But what they call Smarties are chalky disks that we call Rockets. And they may think that Smarties are just the same as M&M’s. But they’re wrong again. Smarties are thinner, with a different ratio of chocolate to candy.

Coffee Crisp

It’s a coffee-flavoured wafer with a chocolate coating. What’s not to love? Apparently, from 2006 to 2009, Coffee Crisps were actually exported to the US, but no longer. Why did they fail? Don’t Americans like coffee and chocolate in one delicious package?

Cadbury Caramilk

Cadbury may be a British company, but their Caramilk was created in Canada and is still made in Toronto and nowhere else. You’d think that the simple combination of chocolate and caramel would be popular in the US, but you’d be mistaken. Fun fact: Cadbury makes a different Caramilk in Australia. Theirs has white chocolate. Australians: tradesies?

Hickory Sticks

Made by Hostess—the Canadian chip maker, not the American snack company—hickory sticks have a unique thin shape and taste like bacon.

Hawkins Cheezies

 All kinds of crunchy cheese-flavoured products are sold in the States. But Hawkins Cheezies are better. They’re crunchier, they’re cheesier, and we defy anyone who thinks otherwise to take a blind taste test.


It’s basically just a chocolate bar. But the introduction of air bubbles completely changes the texture. We’re sort of cheating with this entry, as Aero bars were invented in the UK and have spread to a few other countries, such as Japan and South Africa. But their lack of popularity in the US is baffling.

All Dressed Chips

The best chips on the shelf are a combination of barbecue, sour cream and onion, ketchup, and salt and vinegar. It’s a truly excellent chip. Why don’t they have them in the States, especially given that every American who tries them loves them? It’s a total mystery. Even Claire of Bon Appétit commented that All Dressed Chips were her favourite find in an episode of Gourmet Makes.

Ketchup Chips

Ketchup is the best sauce. Malcolm Gladwell has a whole New Yorker article that says so. Why wouldn’t you want a ketchup-flavoured chip?

Dill Pickle Chips

Americans, what is going on with your chip game? Get on our level.

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October, 8 2021



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