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High Speed Internet: A Basic Necessity for Students

Acanac Scholarship Finalist Series

High Speed Internet, like food, water and shelter, has been one of the basic necessities needed for the survival of the student species since the beginning of its invention in the 1990’s.

All jokes aside, High Speed Internet has been critical in my academic career thus far. I am currently a third-year student pursuing an Honors Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and often I am required to complete extensive research on various topics within the field of psychology and compose a paper of my own. When doing so, I am often going through a number of databases and pages of online data to pick and choose appropriate studies to conduct my own articles and essays.

Living in a technologically advanced nation such as Canada, I have had the luxury of having access to High Speed Internet in and around my community in places such as my home and the local library to complete the tasks given to me with efficiency within the given deadlines. High speed internet has given me the power to research and explore the world around me with confidence and appreciation, without having to limit my capabilities due to time constraints.

Having access to High Speed Internet not only allows me to stay on top of my academics, but also helps me reliably access everything from my finances, to contacting loved ones across seas and even Friday night Netflix sessions.

High Speed Internet plays a grand role in all aspects of my life to some extent and helps me stay focused, organized and knowledgeable. Considering the application for this grant is online, it also helps me take control of my financial needs and helps me explore available assistance when I need it the most.

Thank you for your consideration 🙂

Essay by Athisayal, Acanac Scholarship Finalist

Acanac Scholarship Contest

In line with our mission of making things easy and saving money for Canadians, Acanac launched our very first scholarship contest over the summer of 2017. We asked students across Ontario and Quebec to let us know how High Speed Internet has impacted their field of study by either writing a short essay or sharing a video with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for a chance to win $1,000. After reviewing hundreds of contest entries, our selection committee chose 6 finalists. We hope you enjoyed Athisaya’s submission and invite you to explore our blog to learn more about our finalists.

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December, 20 2017



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