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How High Speed Internet is Helping Medical Students

How High Speed Internet is Helping Medical Students

A Speedy Evolution: How High Speed Internet is Helping Medical Students

One of the sounds dearest to my heart is the buzzing and ringing of the good ol’ dial-up Internet from my childhood. While I can thank it for being one of my earliest and most devoted teachers in the art of patience, the grown-up, evolved version of the Internet is ironically also a reason for the ever-shortening attention span of the current generation.

However, there is much to be thankful for. In today’s world, in the time it would have taken me to connect to the Internet a decade or so ago, I would have finished downloading an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix, chatted with friends overseas on Facebook, and even sent classmates Snapchat pictures of my overflowing anatomy notes. In the background, I would have been listening to the latest online recording of the class I chose to miss the previous week to catch up on some much-needed sleep, knowing the recording would be streamed.

As a medical school student with an intensive academic workload, High Speed Internet has transformed the way I practice and learn medicine. Beyond the individual student, it has also forced the medical education system to adapt to the changing needs and capacities of a modernizing learning environment. The classroom no longer necessitates a physical space, just like how lessons are no longer constrained by blocked time slots. High Speed Internet has made classrooms accessible and learning flexible.

Beyond these four years of medical school and into the rapidly evolving field of medical practice, only High Speed Internet can hope to keep medical professionals, and even patients, up to the date with the latest treatments and developments. Ultimately, High Speed Internet is what brings new meaning to our understanding of health, and all within reach in seconds at the click of a mouse.

An essay by Katina, Acanac Scholarship Contest Finalist

Acanac Scholarship Contest

In line with our mission of making things easy and saving money for Canadians, Acanac launched our very first scholarship contest over the summer of 2017. We asked students across Ontario and Quebec to let us know how High Speed Internet has impacted their field of study by either writing a short essay or sharing a video with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for a chance to win $1,000. After reviewing hundreds of contest entries, our selection committee chose 6 finalists. We hope you enjoyed Katina’s submission and invite you to explore our blog to learn more about our other finalists.

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December, 27 2017



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