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How High Speed Internet is Helping Medical Students

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Meet Katina, Acanac Scholarship Finalist

We asked students across Ontario and Quebec to let us know how High Speed Internet has impacted their field of study by either writing a short essay or sharing a video with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for a chance to win $1,000.

We were so impressed with the quality of the entries and the diverse perspectives from students in interesting fields of study, that we decided to showcase our contest finalists We had a really great conversation with Katina, a medical student at the University of Ottawa, about her essay, her thoughts on how Artificial Intelligence may change medicine as we know it, plus some of her favourite medical TV shows.


Our Chat with Katina

Acanac: Hi Katina. Congratulations on being one of our Scholarship Contest finalists. You wrote a fun and very thoughtful essay about how High Speed Internet has changed the game for medical students. We were impressed that you even had time to participate with all the workload that must come with studying medicine.

Katina: Yes, well the workload is quite heavy, but I do love writing and this was a really interesting topic that I feel passionate about. So, it came quite easy and was a pleasure to do.

Acanac: In your essay, you describe how the medical education system has adapted with the advent of High Speed Internet. Can you tell us how this has helped you in your studies?

Katina: I think the biggest thing is the online learning component. We’re able to access information 24/7 and catch lectures we couldn’t attend in person, which really helps with individual styles of learning and schedules.

Acanac: I’ll ask you to look into your crystal ball and tell us how High Speed Internet and emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, or AI, will change the doctor-patient relationship.

Katina: I think it’s a topic that a lot of people have been thinking about, because there will absolutely be AI systems that affect the medical field in the future. Of course, I’m no expert in these technologies personally, but I think there will be many areas where it can help. It will enable physicians to make better decisions in the future based on the mining of data, while still relying on direct human interaction. I don’t think it will take over my job, but it will help me make decisions. Again, I’m not expert in this area but that’s my opinion on the matter.

Acanac: Let’s wait and see how self-driving cars work out first. So, you’re in your first year of medical school…have you decided what type of medicine you want to practice?

Katina: That is a good question and something that a lot of medical students feel pressure to decide early on in medical school. I think that’s why medical school is so valuable, it gives you exposure to everything before you have to make a decision. And that’s really important because once you decide to go into a particular field, it’s not very easy to switch. So, I’m definitely keeping an eye out for what may be a good fit for me and will make the decision when the time comes.

Acanac: You mention in your essay that you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan. Which of the other following fictional medical TV shows would you choose to work in and why?

  • Chicago Hope
  • ER
  • Scrubs
  • General Hospital
  • House

Katina: Wow… that’s a tough decision because they’re all really great. Hmm- I really liked Scrubs but I think I’d have to go with House just because of how interesting the cases are and how Dr. House was able to come up with the right diagnosis every time. I mean, that’s definitely not how it works in real life but that’s the same for most of the Medical shows out there.

Acanac: Great stuff Katina- thanks again for taking the time to speak to us and all the best.


Acanac Scholarship

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December, 27 2017


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