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How to Return Acanac Rental Equipment

In case of service cancellation, technical difficulties or service changes that require equipment swap, the specialist who handled your request will let you know what equipment you need to return to Acanac. Acanac rental equipment need to be returned within 30 days to avoid the non-return fees. This fee can vary depending on the equipment price.

Return Process

  1. After the cancelation or the swap request, a return label is sent to your email we have on file. If you don’t have access to a printer, please instruct the specialist so one can be mailed to you. With this return label you can ship back the Acanac equipment free of charge.
    Note: If you didn’t receive your Return Label, click here to request rental equipment return label free of charge.
  2. Place the equipment and power supply in the original box, or a similar sized package, to ensure there is no damage in transit.
  3. Affix the Return Label to the outside of the package and ship it back to us via Canada Post the nearest to you.
  4. Keep the Postal Tracking number for your records, as proof of shipping.