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Welcome to the world of Acanac

Hello and Bonjour Ontario and Quebec! At Acanac, we’re all about reminding you about the simple pleasures brought to you by your Internet and Home Phone services.

We know what you’re thinking, “You can’t seriously be trying to make Internet service exciting.” Queue the energetic sales pitch.

Better prices, great service, and no bounds. Start to see what it all means when we say, “It’s good to be here.”

High Speed Internet

Ever wondered what it’s like to break the laws of speed?

We don’t think we need to tell you that all of our Cable and DSL Internet packages are high speed. But we just did tell you, and boy does it feel good to get that off our chest.

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Digital Home Phone

The future of home phone is here!

Call literally anywhere in the US and Canada at one flat monthly rate. We mean literally anywhere, even that one random phonebooth in the Mojave desert if that floats your boat.

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“customer service is amazing”

Mohamad M

“I have been a satisfied customer since March 2012. The handful of non-Acanac problems I have experienced (trucks hitting my internet connection; the mother of all icestorms; other system wide outages, etc., ) have been addressed by the Acanac team courteously and efficiently. Acanac has consistently provided both flawless internet service and quality customer service. Highly recommended.”

Steve S

“Through your good offices, I take this opportunity to thank your colleague Aladin in Technical Support for his excellent assistance on Tuesday 31st July, 2018. His knowledge and patience in resolving a small, obscure technical difficulty I had encountered with phone-mail delivery had my fiancée's new Internet and VOIP services up and running 100%. Thank you............Tony.”

Anthony M

“I feel lucky and am happy with Acanac's good support and reliable internet unlimited package for almost 4 years in my single professional lifestyle with work and streaming entertainment.”

Anh-Tu H